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6th Asia-Pacific Conference on Education, Social Sciences and Psychology
Submission Deadline August 05, 2024
The 6th Asia-Pacific Conference on Education, Social Sciences, and Psychology is scheduled to be held in Singapore from December 4th to 6th, 2024. The conference will feature presentations and discussions on six major domains: Education, Sociology, Law & Politics, Communication Studies, Psychology, and Philosophy. Through APCSSP 2024, a platform for exchange will be established, allowing researchers, scholars, educators, and practitioners from diverse fields to engage in interdisciplinary discussions and share insights on pressing issues and innovative methodologies.
One of the highlights of this conference is the special session curated by Dr. Johan van Rooyen, titled "Breaking the Socioeconomic Barrier: Understanding and Overcoming the Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Educational Attainment." This session addresses a multifaceted interdisciplinary topic, with Dr. Johan van Rooyen proposing several pertinent questions for exploration. Colleagues interested in this session are encouraged to contribute from various perspectives and share their recent research findings.
We welcome submissions from all disciplines, reflecting your expertise and interests. We look forward to welcoming you in vibrant Singapore and engaging in fruitful discussions at  APCSSP 2024
Special Session : Breaking the Socioeconomic Barrier: Understanding and Overcoming the
Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Educational Attainment."
Sub-topic 1: The Interplay of Economic Factors and Academic Achievement
Analyzing the impact of family income, parental education, and access to resources on student performance;
Exploring how economic instability and poverty affect educational outcomes;
Investigating the role of economic stressors in shaping attitudes towards education.
Sub-topic 2: Addressing Equity Gaps in Access to Quality Education
Identifying disparities in educational resources, facilities, and opportunities based on socioeconomic status;
Examining policies and initiatives aimed at reducing the achievement gap between affluent and disadvantaged students;
Strategies for providing equitable access to high-quality education for all socioeconomic groups.
Sub-topic 3: Understanding the Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Educational Aspirations and Expectations
Exploring how socioeconomic background shapes students' career aspirations and academic goals;
Investigating the impact of parental expectations and educational attainment on socioeconomic mobility;
Addressing stereotype threat and self-perception in relation to socioeconomic status and academic performance.
Sub-topic 4: The Role of Social Capital and Community Support in Educational Success
Examining how social networks and community resources contribute to educational attainment;
Identifying effective community-based interventions and support systems for students from disadvantaged backgrounds;
Strategies for leveraging social capital to promote academic achievement and foster resilience.
Sub-topic 5: Breaking the Cycle of Intergenerational Poverty through Education
Investigating the transmission of socioeconomic disadvantage across generations and its implications for educational attainment;
Examining interventions and programs aimed at disrupting the cycle of poverty through education;
Empowering families and communities to support educational success and socioeconomic mobility.
Sub-topic 6: Policy Solutions for Promoting Equity in Education
Analyzing the effectiveness of policies aimed at reducing socioeconomic disparities in education, such as school funding reforms and affirmative action programs;
Identifying policy barriers and systemic inequalities that perpetuate socioeconomic disparities in educational attainment;
Advocating for evidence-based policy interventions to promote equity and social justice in education.
(Special Session curated by Dr. Johan van Rooyen / Doctor of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Edinburgh/his latest book, “Beyond the Blackboard, The Evolving Landscape of Education” explores the impact of emerging technologies on education.)
Special Education
Higher Education
Rehabilitation Counseling
Language Education Human Resource Development
Elementary Education Rural Education
Early Childhood Education Curriculum, Research, and Development
Education Policy and Leadership
Social Studies Education
Educational Measurement and Evaluation
Addiction & Substance Abuse
Beliefs, Customs and Rituals
Childhood Development & Schooling
Crime & Socio-Legal Studies
Discrimination & Prejudice
Economic Sociology
Food Security
Fund Raising
Gender Studies
Human & Civil Rights
Industrial Sociology
Labor & Work
Law Enforcement
Leisure, Recreation & Sports
Medical Sociology
Migration & Immigration
Myth & Folklore
Peace & War
Political Sociology
Poverty & Wealth
Punishment, Incarceration & Rehabilitation
Race & Ethnicity
Rural Sociology
Social Mobility & Social Class
Social Movements & Collective Behavior
Social Organization & Community
Social Policy, Social Work and Social Legislation
Social Psychology
Social Stratification
Social Theory
Social Values
Sociology of Crime
Sociology of Education
Sociology of Knowledge
Sociology of Law
Sociology of Music
Sociology of Religion
Sociology of The Family & Childhood
Systems of Government
Urban Sociology
Work & Employment Relations
Workforce Diversity & Equality
Law & Politics
Administrative Law
Advertising Law
Antitrust Law
Common Law
Consumer Protection
Election Laws
Environment & Climate Change Law
Geneva Conventions
Governmental Systems & Practices
Human Rights
Intellectual Property
International Affairs & Strategic Studies
International Criminal Court
International Labour Law
International Organizations
International Relations
Islamic Law
Legitimacy of Governments
Maritime Law
Martial Law
Mass Communications Law
Military Justice
Open Government
Parliamentary System
Political Figures
Political Movements
Political Parties
Political Science
Politics & Ethics
Presidential Campaign
Private International Law
Public Administration & Policy
Public & Private International Law
Regional Studies
Sovereignty of Nations
Sports Law
Supreme Court Powers
United Nations
War Crimes
Water Rights
World Politics
Communication Studies
Advertising & Public Relations
Bilingualism, Grammar & Word Use
Business & Organizational Communication
Drama & Theater
Film & Cinema
Human Communication
Language & Linguistics
Languages & Dialects
Literary Styles & Movements
Literary Themes & Topics
Literary Theory
Literature & Art
Media Studies
Phonetics & Phonology
Political Communication
Print Media
Rhetoric & Public Speaking
Short Stories
Social & Ethical Issues in Communication
Brain &Behaviour
Business/Occupational Psychology
Child & Adolescent Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Counseling and Therapy
Developmental Psychology
Educational Psychology
Experimental Psychology
Groups & Organizations
Learning & Developmental Disabilities
Mental Health
Personality & Emotions
Psychological Testing & Assessment
Relationships & The Family
Social Psychology
Community & Cross-Cultural Psychology
Analytic Philosophy
Ancient & Classical Philosophy
Critical Theory
Eastern Philosophy
Medieval & Renaissance Philosophy
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of Science
Political Philosophy
Postmodern Philosophy
Social Philosophy
Western Philosophy
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